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Zain Ali Shah

Intentions and innerstanding of the Self by means of expansion and contraction, constant fluctuations and changes that challenge the ego, the illusion of the individual. We, being chemically composed of the exact elements as all living things; near, far, and wide. For, it is not within our nature to be separate, unity and interconnectivity are inherently embedded in our genetic structures. As above, so below. May we pose and formulate the questions that will allow us to transcend, who and what we believe we are...

Are we reflections, folding within and without, around one another? Are we complex, like watching a flower unfurling in ratios that radiate gold? Or are we what is unseen, the transmutation of synaptic space that exists between dark matter?

Every fiber, every string, and every atom of reality are intertwined and can never be created nor destroyed. As dimensions are birthed through the human eye, we remember the aspects of our mind that have lived as many beings--we recall the memories stored within our womb and our heart, that tell stories of what we cannot see. We are but conduits of creativity, information coming from other fractals, ultimately finding solace in the subliminity of Source.

Jess' interest stems from origins and their roots... from tattooing to metaphysics, medicine to shamanism, spirituality to anthropology, apotropaism to antiquity. The holographic multiverse is allowing us to experience existence in its many forms, form and formless. We are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, gathering information and data through each interaction, from every cell and neutrino to every nebula and black hole.

Jess is an undefined Taiwanese/Japanese second generation dreamer who wonders where we can go, how we can transgress, and collectively create a universe that honors every expression of every Being. Jess is a multidisciplinary; tattoo artist, illustrator, writer, and student of Chinese Medicine and the Daoist Arts. Through the process of tattooing, research, writing, and receiving her Masters----Jess hopes to understand body, spirit, and intersections of tattoo and the acupuncture traditions. Jess is working on providing direct mutual aid and support for indigenous voices by amplifying, preserving, and uplifting the platform in which they already stand.