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Updated: May 12, 2021


Tattoos have always held an enigmatic story. Some practical and superficial, while others become an exploration into the inner and outer realms. Humans discovered ways to adorn their bodies, through experimentation and intuition, how to internalize the surrounding world into indelible designs that permanently mark our externalized, physical bodies.

We have made inks from charr and carbon, needles from thorns and bones, designs from nature and inspired by higher powers. Our ingenuity and connection with how we transform and alter our skin is something familiar... something we have done for thousands of years.

Tattoos have the ability to completely shift how we see ourselves and one another, how we carry ourselves and walk along the surface. With intention and purpose, they can protect and aid in self-transformation, transcend and become recognized in the afterlife. They serve to beautify, to honor, to make a proclamation, a rite of passage, and they also have the ability to heal. Every facet of tattoo