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I Ching // Book of Changes
☴ XUN ☴ The Gentle Permeating Wind

• 巽 •



Released 9/9/2022 on the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Sleeves are adorned with ☴ XUN // 巽 ☴ repeated, along with my given Chinese family seal gifted from my father: 姜蒂芳. The Eagle was chosen to represent the energy/QI of this hexagram.

This hexagram is birthed from heaven and earth, transmuting into six other elements that create the Eight Trigrams [ Ba Gua // 八卦 ]. Each trigram is paired with another, with many combinations and iterations, envibing blessing of elements from the cosmos. XUN was divined for me to innerstand my path in this life…

“Let small things develop. Humble pride - be soft and flexible. Advice of a great person does not degrade, but exalts. Mercenariness disciplines.”
. xun // no. 57





Material/Brand: Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve

Sizes: S, M, XL, 2XL

Limited Edition: Only 10 Available!


☴ XUN ☴ Limited Edition Long Sleeve ☴ XUN ☴

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