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Only 10 available!


These paintings are made for an upcoming book published by Purple Cloud Institute  and written by Lindsey Wei called, "Path of the Spiritual Warrior: Life and Teachings of Muay Thai Figher Pedro Solana." Very proud and excited to have been a part of this project!



SHAKTONA  🔯 Union of Shiva & Shakti, Masculine & Feminine energy. This symbol exists throughout many beliefs systems and is often represented as the resonance of the six-petaled lotus/heart chakra. Our heart is central to all seven chakras and serves as our true mind. Known as a vessel for deep meditation, inter-dimensional travel, and the center of the circulation of energy within our body (Toroidal Magnetic Field Hyperphysics). Clinically, it’s been shown that our hearts change shape according to the situations in our lives.


All prints are 6x9" made from hand-made/hand-inked paintings, printed on Archival Canson Arches Infinity Rag Textured Paper with Epson Pigmented Ink by Silky's Brooklyn.


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